Convertible car seat

71vJrF4+pIL._SL1208_So, SAFE is the most important concern for us to choose car seat. We just know that is the most….. and visited major baby store.  Then, we were confused. There are about 15 car seats with really simple information on each seat. Are Only us not satisfied with this small information?  Yes, there is called “staff” in any store to help us. We asked a gentleman there and he was really kind to explain about how to understand that information,  AND recommended  NEWEST product which displayed most front shelf there . I know NEWEST one is definitely good one.. after hearing how good that is from him, we just left store.


Since that, we put ” Best car seat ” , ” Safest car seat” or other similar words in the google search box and searched  searched searched in internet……. but still we were not sure. What is needed might be that we just needed pick one.

When we were tired to do so, I just asked my friend who has a baby in NY. I normally do not like to have same product my friend has, but this time, I just gave up saying those my preference.

She introduced BRITAX MARATHON and we found “Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat” is the one for us because it has more reviews with positive comments. 

We decided to have CONVERTIBLE one because 1. Infant car seat would be used for short time, 2. we were planning to have the second baby in the near future and 3. we just wanted save money for other things for her.

We chose sexy TWINING color for my baby girl. Few days after we ORDERED on the PC screen, it arrived at our home. It was larger and heavier than I expected, but it showed how strong it is and safe is. We are happy about our choice!


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