Life with baby


My beautiful little girl has arrived at my life in 2015. Since that, I am so busy but feel so warm and peaceful every moment.

Here is something about my life with her now and before when she was in my belly.





Convertible car seat 

71vJrF4+pIL._SL1208_Safe Safe Safe!!!! Safety was the most concern for us to buy car seat for her.  

here is more detail….



Infant car seat

I will take you Everywhere!

61XYcRLjjHL._SX522_My baby was sleeping comfortably from room in Hospital to sweet home. She enjoyed first out to restaurant and shopping with it.







Boppy Nursing Pillow

71hi-4ip+vL._SL1484_This pillow is always next me. Whenever my little one asks for the milk, I run to her with this. It makes my feeding time more valuable!

Here is more details…..





Infantino Merry Monkey Gym

91qOYJd69gS._SX466_ My girl ‘s first toy was this colorful gym and never make her being bored. Baby and me discovered how to enjoy with this as it has variety of way of having fun with!







Reading time

61dasDWXi6L._AA160_I still re51jUVagiebL._AA160_member the book I read repeatedly when I was small. I loved the story, pictures, color, touch and smell of the book. Now, I see my little one next me, and read the book for her. I love this relaxing time in a day.




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